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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber taking a walk

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber taking a walk

When I would be in a shit hole third world country dealing with evil, destruction, and poverty. I appreciated what I had back home. Because when I got back home I took it for granted. I took advantage of things. I went back to my lazy ass American life on my lazyboy and my cable T.V., my Internet and all the things that we feel are precious or you know. Not even a luxury. It’s like it’s a right to have that shit now. I see my kids playing with all the toys and shit in the world that they have everything they ever could need and want. In America we have every opportunity to make something of ourselves.You go overseas and you’ll see kids playing with a piece of wire they turned into a wheel and another piece of wire to roll it down the street and there’s twenty kids chasing it and you put things in perspective really quick. And you realize. You know what? Yeah, it is a good deal. It’s fucking awesome. So be true to yourself. Don’t abandon your core. And fight for what you believe in. Because very soon one day it might be gone. Especially if we don’t fight for it.

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Chinese man builds homemade cannon and rocket launcher to defend his home from from property developers.



Yang Younde is a Chinese farmer who recently has come under attack by property developers.  Yang signed a contract that allows him to live on the land until 2029.  A land development corporation offered to buy his land , however Yang intends to live and work the farm until the contract ends, which is when he plans to retire.  The firm, along with the local authorities, decided to break his contract, and using thuggery and intimidation, tried to force him off his own land.  They were not expecting Yang to build a real life version of tower defense in his back yard.  Using simple tools and materials he constructed a homemade cannon which fires clusters of firecrackers as well as a rocket battery.  He also built a large watchtower to defend his home.  When the demolition crew/thugs tried to evict him from his home (twice), he showered them with an onslaught of firecrackers and rockets, forcing them to flee.

To this day he still lives and owns the farm.

MOLON LABE!!! —— 來並把它

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